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tv   Fox 8 News at 5AM  FOX  February 3, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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they used the found this -- wese still do. i'm christie cable. that's check and brisket save thesk sick this rain is going to wrap up. with some really heavy rain right now and some pretty strong winds.a you will notice looking to the westng of the showers are beginning to thin out a little bit. we're starting to see some breaks in a very light, five minute showers near sandusky. not a lot of heavy rain west of cleveland. the heavy rain is self of canton o and millersburg and new philadelphia and dover. that will begin to change with the secondary front, the one that drops the temperatures andpe doesn't come in here until sometime this afternoon. so we should stay way up into
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least noon today. temperatures running about 30 degrees warmer in some locationsgg of what it was yesterday. this a couple of local temperatures down to 49.o should jump back down into the 50s. push cooler weather coming in this afternoon. temperatures are starting to fall to the 40s late today and t eventually will start to purchase the crowd.a that is our temperature trend hereer in our day planner. will trend back down and that stay. call allan the way through the weekend. traffic time with patty.y it is about 5:00. >> we're looking okay it hadk this earlier closure on the air felt in everyn scene is hope. you can continue on past east ninth and everything has been reopened that high water earlier this morning and it is good to go. odette i crews are out and about. we're headed into town no problem. five and 271 broadway also no a issues there.e.
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construction.ti it started on monday and route 83 is now under construction over the turnpike down in north richfield. they haveve restrictions traffic to flow and directions. you will find delays .. wayne and christie, back to you. >> water quality test results are expected to stayre for an elementary school. the fountain set to be turneded off to the epa had found levels of leadep. >> on friday early elementary school turned up the water phones andch covered them up after the epa c posted a notice on its website wearing the levels might be-the switched water and set the-t know contradict eat people chagrin falls and the elementary e school was -- all the conclusions first principle back in school ins august it is a superintend explainedis water shut off, a high ph level slightly corroded some of the.
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. the district address that in november they were informed everything was fine and no more monitoring required.cter we could have ago or so that note was on the website. bottled water was brought in and a students and staff are told to use bathroom sink water only for washing hands and understandably everybody being especiallyly cautious considering what happened in michigan. c the results are expected later this morning. >> we're going to take the course of action of staying with bottled water into the test comes back and as i stated we decided to be more comprehensive anticipatory additional taps. so we will stay with bottled in. >> every function ofof the schoolh has been rechecked, double checked, test results coming back today.e tc gurnee is the only school that uses well water. other districts use city water and have not been affected.
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they recentlyte -- because of what happened in length. if that happened to some of the o contradictory information. will find out for sure later today.dion >> she was a mother, daughter, and friend of many. life was gone an instant. all-purpose sonon drove the wrong wayo on the highway. jessica dill is live on the overpass. the latest on the woman whoe was killed on i 71. good morning. >> good morning. good morning,g, everyone. e she had no time to even think about this and she just slammed into this overpass here and 71 north. that was after someone called 911 to try to stop this from happening. t >> there is a car going the i am heading southbound the airport. ea i came up for youth get off. he is heading the towards a going the wrong way. >> you are department of
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a kevin of lakewood. nearly missing. drivers as he drove the wrong eventually crashed head-on into 33-yard lakisha brownn underneath the west 40th bridge. b which is enough to show the actual collision but he did slamd into brown, a mother of one, friend, daughter, nursing now family and friends are left to mourn her death. >> in the meantime police say they believeve might've been drunk when he was driving the wrong direction. that w w is something that is still under investigation. neither one was wearing a seatbelt.i >> just a sad, sad story. thank you very much. made pilele to dispute over cats is turned into a search over a
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neighbors.s. police say that they had to do step been seen since july 4. the skaters say she into cats. that dayr and have not been seen since. search warrants filed mansfield municipal court showed money is been coming out of the bank accountnt for several months. neighbors say police were at hudson's weekek searching and taking pictures. p >> have seen the police and everything over there and i wonder is goinggve on. o side find out that this is what it is. it makes me even more shocked. s i didn't know what's going on that one day we seen them and they werere spraying each other off down there. it's not rare either. since anyone with information about this case is asked to call mansfield police. >> this is a student athletes of northeast ohio will cite national letters of intent to say. for college. several high schools will hold special ceremonies to honor the
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taking the next step. in ohio special olympics winter games getting underway in northeast ohio comingcimp toward them at a the efficacy to compete in skiing events the nordic and brandywine weather permitting. events be held at the kent state university i spring. the olympus will be wrapping up tomorrow pizza good luck. 5:07. weather and traffic every eight minutes is just ahead. >> johnnyu be gone. there's a signs that the cleveland browns are ready to part ways with the former heisman trophy winner. a severe's southern storm, tornado caught in camera racing across alabama and leaving ang trail of destruction. >> good morning. >> good morning, everybody.heavy rain is now behind us or ahead of us. pushing off to the east. temperatures rising back up the ashtabula and wait till we see
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buddy holly taking us back to 1950s.t >> i love that song. >> he went to check in with scott sabol. we do with every eight minutes. >> good morning.yesterday was groundhogs day. we haveor punxsutawney phil and -- punxsutawney phil, when he hasn't seen his shadow, he was accuratete except the last ten years. he hit the nail on that at this forecast. we will see what happens as we
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have a push wilder air along the front and it is windy and w driving the shores of two northern ohio. thein heavy short east of canton and that is heading into alliance. seeing heavy rain and its redeveloping down nearw millersburg and a couple more showers and lighterll out towards west salem to the overall coverage is going to diminish quite a bit off near cleveland. we have had some breaks after some really heavy rain this morning and if any shower redevelop scrimmages selfless of strongsville to the west of medina, that would last five or ten minutes. now thein temperatures, we superimpose the temperatures of the top t of the satellite rater and there it is climate 50s although c back to toledo ready to put 25 to 30 degrees warmer than whato it was for yesterday morning. we look at our temperatures of 55 and will be at 54. 5
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that will drive temperatures down if thou pass through chicago at 36. was at 32.a and they will come more out off o the west. that will drive a little bit. the wins will come out of the west to the northwest and that is close enough tol trigger a snow shower. t that will into her until sometime after midnight tonight. and starting to see some drier weather in the west. breaks of sunshine to watch what we call -- and that is those that see breaks me overcast, snow showers
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can be relatively small percentage ofl near 30 tonight, snow accumulation maybe a half inch by the way this is going. the people bitis of lake affect her like an enhancement for the most part tomorrow it will turn cooler and temperatures will wwi stay in the lower 30s through thursday and put through friday before we start to see temperatures moderate a little bit. the organist vivian week. a little rotation around the load of the triggerou snow shower over the weekend. w the amount of cold air coming in next week. by tuesday with.devon arctic cold front passing through, ranked lsu health the upper 30s and 30 and tuesday fallingt into the teens and eventually these by next wednesday. your official school closing station.ia little burst of cold air say much to wrap all of that will probably have a couple of snow showers and looks like the temperatures at the very most m
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40 for the big cool down. thirteen minutes of the 5:00. weather and traffic every eight minutes. 5 the power of an overseaser airliner is to blame for this hole in the fuselage. moments after taking off. t the new zika virus the years. caseshe can be transmitted to others without the presence of mosquitoes. is that the break, here's a live look at the inner ea belt bridge. here, closer look at your commute let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. one of us is going to make a bigo announcement at the 8:00 hour. if: you can, stick around. got a lot going on. i mean,d. all lot. weather and traffic every eight minutes. it's time to check in with patty
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commute. >> definitely stick around foru the 8:00. the roadways are doing well .. no issues you can see average speed 64 miles per hour. along 71 as you come up from three of three and had ports 82 p in the turnpike of a we don't have any issues. i seventy-seven northbound has been a smooth commute as well from ve 480 in the town. earlier we had thehe inner belt i close but it has been reopened so you are good to go there. t granger no problems whatsoever from 77. and this is to 71 at cedar. both checking out a okay. station. averagege price continues to drop 135 is at prime station in granger and garfield heights and about 44 in willoughby and likely at that station. go to our website, click on the traffic tab and i know t when youou
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cheaper gas prices for sure. >> there are new fears the sporty butew the spread of the zika virus. the first known transmission case of the virus here in the us t did not involve a mosquito. kind of scary. we were kind of led to believe that that couldn't happen. that's spreading across south america because of mosquitoes. because of this new case, this is not even traveled to affected a areas. new patient till developed thee oldest through sexual contract from a person who hadad been to help official said the case is still c being evaluated now they put the onus can b be passed onon through sex. the cdc urging same-sex practices for many of traveled t meantime their ramping up efforts to get that vaccine. >> even if we found a ball lot biologically -- to get a vaccine.
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think at a minimum were talking about years or months. >> i hope that weor can develop a singled test to be useful not only for existing diseases likes put. next of diseases on the horizon. >> the zika virus can lead to serious birth. >> causing big concerns. most people just facing mild illness. they're very status ofein developments fory other -- in the could help speed up the effort to fight ceca. could take years for the big problem. >> tell me in the newsroom. todd, thank you. several this tornado and northeast alabama. the town of alice fill, and a passage several homes will up routing trees and breaking down power lines predict damage the federal prison. there have been reportsde at this time of any injuries. >> the aviation investigators
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for b an explosion and fire on a somali in chapter left a hole in the plane to the blast happened at 12-14,000 feet as he was taking off. one passenger andnd then fell from the plane and died to the public t we circled back to the airport for landing. he says he thinks it was a bomb. if it was, no one has claimed responsibility for the attack. the pilot of a small plane -- following an emergency landing coming camera. from propeller stoppeda moving because of the lich with the pilot brought the t plane down along the surface of the water. crews washed -- w widow to get them for the small plane sank. now the top army marine leaders aren calling for women to take t part in selective service for the defensive department made allses jobs available to women. several military leaders say women shouldld have purchased the p
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has been useded since 1973 when the military became voluntary. 5:20zo time. weather and traffic every eight minutes. for johnny men cell it may soon be over. the browns break their silence and can't whatat -- for the first round pick see what is in storet for workers after a company sale. head to the website to vote for next cool school. will feature that school next
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winds will shifting come out of the west. will start to dry so we will seeng breaks of sunshine and eventually s temperatures willtu drop cold enough for some scattered light snow overnight tonight. notice no big, big shots of arctic o air.
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beginning of next week as we fallysne back into the 20s tuesday and stayy in the 20s him.stay with probably several chances of seeing some lake effect snow. s >> their new site this morning johnny manziel's days with the end. speaking out about the quarterback following another week in incident. browns drafted men cell with a 22nd and fifth 2014 draft out of texas a&m where he left -- won the heisman. he knew about as pretty background inty college but they still collected temp cleveland is expected to cut men self on march 9 when the new nfl calendar europeans. brownsee football operations sashi brown issued a statement about denzel. s it reads, quote, we think there t but the expectations for our playersex on and off the field.h jennies continual involvement has run counter to those
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work de of his teammates and the repetition of our organization. the status off our team will be addressed when permitted by league rules.e who have no further comment. jimmy hassell said he felt he could be restored between johnny men cell and the football team and sell is now under es under investigation for possible assault involving his ex-girlfriend. some ohio lawmakers are honoring the football team of congressional resolution. they weren't that the the divisional through national title in september. that's the title since 1983. tim ryan and senator sherrod brown introduced resolutions to recognize the team yesterday. 5:26 on this wednesday morning.. weather and traffic coming up. what this means for the current locations in for their employees. >> sheet is not a burglar.r.
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thought's my eyes that and focus. after couple seconds i realize i fire here. i northeast ohio coming nearly escapes. as we had to break get 5:22 at 5 his look at i 77 77 an eye for it. the along with i closer look at the morning commute and we come
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welcome to fox 8 news in the morning. today is wednesday, february 3ry halfway through the work week foror some of us. a live look at downtown cleveland with the beautiful skyline. >> i'm wayne nd dawson. let's get to what is happening weatherwise. >> for thehe most part it has to ber a little bit of leftover rain for the r past, looks like a little streak of rain thatai actually extends east of mansfield all the way to southern wayne county. that is about c it, once the liner showers moves through overes lyndon eventually looks like that's going to l move through medina and western cuyahoga county in cleveland, we should bewe in the clear. the last batch of heavier rain is now passing into eastern ohio and we are going to see conditions begin to dry out. we have the one that is
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will warm up and we see
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